Academic Resource Center (Bureau of Study Counsel)

1414 Massachusetts Avenue, Floor 3R
(617) 495-5734

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) exists to empower Harvard students to reach their full academic potential. Through the ARC, students will have access to academic coaching, peer tutoring, workshops, study spaces, and other skills-based resources. They will be supported in developing reading strategies, organization and time management skills, sustainable study habits, metacognitive approaches to learning, and more.

All College and GSAS students are welcome and can access the full range of ARC services at any time. No referral is needed. Students can walk in, call, or send an email to get in touch with ARC staff.

The ARC offers four main services: Academic Coaching, Workshops, Peer Tutoring, and Study Spaces, in addition to ESL Peer Consultation.

Academic Coaching

One-on-one academic coaching consultations are available beginning Fall 2019. An academic coach can help students learn more about their ideal learning styles and environments, show them how to customize their semester, help students plan for when they are returning from leave or recovering from a concussion, and direct them to other appropriate resources on campus as needed. ARC coaches support students from all disciplines.


ARC academic coaches will also host various workshops throughout the semester. These workshops will be centered around building and strengthening the skills necessary to succeed academically. They will cover topics including time management, strategic reading and notetaking, semester planning, problem set strategies, and more.

Peer Tutoring

The ARC oversees the Peer Tutoring program, connecting Harvard students with a network of trained peers who can support their learning in a variety of selected courses. Peer Tutors can provide an extra layer of academic support for students by reviewing critical concepts and materials from class, clarifying points of confusion, and developing study strategies for upcoming exams.

Study Spaces

The ARC offers quiet, high-tech accessible study spaces which are available for students. Students can reserve a study space through the ARC website and can also find information about other available study spaces on campus there.

ESL Peer Consultation

ARC-trained peer consultants provide support for students who speak English as a second language, offering assistance in developing speaking and listening skills, understanding local idioms, learning more about the US and Harvard cultures, or practicing for oral presentations.  Primarily for graduate students; some financial assistance is available for GSAS students and those from other schools.

For more information about the ARC or any of our services, please contact us at and visit our website at