Harvard University Information Technology

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) provides the following services and support to FAS faculty and staff. For more information, please contact huit.harvard.edu/ithelp or 617-495-7777.

Emergency Notification System

The MessageMe system lets Harvard contact you quickly in the event of an emergency. To update your contact information, visit messageme.harvard.edu.

Computer Purchases

The FAS Desktop Refresh program provides faculty with a new computer every four years.  For more information about the program, visit http://huit.harvard.edu/ithelp and enter the search term “desktop refresh.”

Working Remotely

The following resources are available to foster Harvard's work in a remote environment:

Technology for Teaching

The Academic Technology Group offers help setting up course web pages, including the Canvas learning management system; consulting on innovative uses of technology for teaching and learning; using online and mobile technologies; and developing interactive software.  Contact atg@fas.harvard.edu, atg.fas.harvard.edu, or 617-495-7777.

Technology for Research

Research Computing in the FAS is provided through divisional resources in the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. 

  • Arts and Humanities:  For assistance and consultation on tools and techniques for research computing, contact artshumrc@fas.harvard.edu.
  • Sciences:  FAS Research Computing provides researchers access to large-scale high-performance computing and support. Users have access to more than 100,000 CPUs and 40 petabytes of storage supporting over 500 labs and 5,500 users. For more information visit rc.fas.harvard.edu.
  • Social Sciences:  The Institute for Quantitative Social Science provides researchers access to cluster computing, software, and tools for storing data and running complex analyses. Contact www.iq.harvard.edu, help@iq.harvard.edu or 617-496-2450. 

Technology for Collaboration and Daily Use


  • Your HarvardKey and FAS account allow you to log in to your work computer, email, calendar, University websites, and departmental file shares: key.harvard.edu.

Email and Calendar:

  • To access your email and calendar, use Outlook on your computer or on the web at mso.harvard.edu (click on O365 Outlook Web App).
  • If you have been using consumer Gmail or Google Calendar for work, please use Google Apps for Harvard for improved support and privacy.  Visit g.harvard.edu.

 Individual File Sharing:

Collaborating with Colleagues:

  • MS Teams provides a collaborative workspace for departments and project groups to share communications, documents, and meetings. Visit teams.microsoft.com and login with your HarvardKey and password.
  • Google Drive is available for individual and team workspace productivity: visit g.harvard.edu.
  • Dropbox is available for faculty to share files with research collaborators on and off campus.  To request an account call 617-495-7777.
  • Harvard Link is a personalized dashboard to find Harvard events, news, colleagues, and more: visit link.harvard.edu.
  • Web publishing tools and support are available at hwp.harvard.edu or hwp@harvard.edu.