Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

50 Church Street, Suite 308
Phone: 617-495-4869
Fax: 617-495-3739

The Bok Center offers faculty, graduate student Teaching Fellows (TFs), and other instructors of Harvard undergraduates a wide variety of resources and trainings to enhance teaching.  The Center supports faculty in designing their courses and syllabi, and provides feedback about evidence-based strategies to promote learning.  The Bok Center’s Learning Lab partners with faculty to create and deploy innovative assignments and course activities.  The Bok Center also provides video consultations and works with instructors on classroom dynamics.  Faculty speakers share ideas about their teaching through Faculty Lunches on Learning, while Exploratory Seminars convene faculty to deliberate topics of interest in higher education.  The Center trains teaching fellows and also offers seminars for graduate students on topics that include teaching in the American classroom for international TFs, multi-modal communication, discussion leading, and active learning, among others. Further information and resources on teaching are available othe Bok Center’s website.

Wheelchair accessible.