The my.harvard Student Information System

The my.harvard Student Information System offers tools to streamline the instructing process. Faculty instructors will see a list of the courses they are currently teaching on their homepage. Five buttons are associated with each course:

  • Class Roster displays a list of all enrolled students. Instructors may send emails, view photos, and more. A badge will indicate the current number of enrolled students.
  • Course Site launches the Canvas course site.
  • Sectioning allows the instructor to set up sectioning options for the course and manage the process of assigning students to discussion sections and labs.
  • Grades provides access to the final grade roster. The instructor may use this tool manually to enter final grades or upload final grades from a spreadsheet.
  • Petitions allows instructors to view and respond to a list of student permission requests for limited enrollment courses, override enforced prerequisites, and respond to cross registration requests. A badge indicates the number of pending requests.
  • Final Assessment allows instructors to select final assessment type, used for planning seated final exams.
  • Exam Roster displays a list of all enrolled students, to be used for marking attendance during the course’s 3-hr seated exam.
  • Assessment Upload allows the instructor to upload a copy of the course's 3-hour exam, to be provided to the FAS Registrar's Office for courses with a seated exam scheduled by the Registrar.

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