Harvard University Information Technology

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) provides the following services and support to FAS faculty and staff. For more information, please visit huit.harvard.edu/ithelp, email ithelp@harvard.edu, or contact 617-495--7777.


Emergency Notification: messageme.harvard.edu
MessageMe lets Harvard contact you quickly in an emergency. Register to receive voice, text, or email alerts. 

Email and Calendaring
Choose either:

Wireless Access
Connect to one of the wireless networks listed below and open a web browser. If you see a blank page, go to getonline.harvard.edu to register your device onto the network. 

Wireless Network Name (SSID)


Harvard Secure

Standard, encrypted wireless service

Harvard University

Unencrypted wireless service


Encrypted wireless service for participating research and educational institutions



Academic Technology Group (ATG): atg@fas.harvard.edu, atg.fas.harvard.edu, or 617-495-7777
Support for the Canvas Learning Management System
  • Help setting up course web pages
  • Consulting on innovative uses of technology for teaching and learning, including online tools and mobile technologies
  • Connecting faculty and staff to the right people to answer questions and provide support for a variety of technology-related teaching topics

Course Catalog content inquiries: courses@fas.harvard.edu
Assistance with course content as shown in the Course Catalog, including descriptions, meeting times, instructors, etc.

Media and Technology Services: ims.fas.harvard.edu/classroom-support
Multimedia support for classrooms and course meetings
Harvard's student information system helps faculty manage course rosters, grading, and academic advising



Arts and Humanities: artshumrc@fas.harvard.edu
Assistance and consultation on tools and techniques for research computing in the Arts and Humanities

Sciences: rc.fas.harvard.edu
Support for high performance technical computing and sciences research computing

Social Sciences: www.iq.harvard.edu
Research support and access to cluster computing, software, and tools for storing data and running complex analyses

Research Computing Council: rc.harvard.edu

University-wide initiative to enhance the ability of Harvard faculty, researchers, and staff to access our world-class, high performance technical computing resources



Computers and Software
Collaboration Tools
  • SharePoint for Harvard: mso.harvard.edu (Under Office 365 Login, select Office 365 for Harvard, and then SharePoint)
  • Google Apps for Harvard: g.harvard.edu 
  • Video conferencing: (Instructional Media Services): 617-495-9460
Information Security
Instructional Media Services:  ims.fas.harvard.edu 
  • Multimedia production services, including an audio and video recording studio
Web Resources