Final Examinations

It is the responsibility of faculty members to determine the best means of assessing the work of students in their courses. One option available to them is a seated three-hour written final examination during the Final Examination Period at the date, time, and location scheduled by the Registrar's Office, proctored by the course's instructional staff. Such examinations are subject to the following rules:

To earn credit for a course or to count the course toward fulfillment of the requirements for a degree, the student must have attended the final examination or an approved makeup. A student’s unexcused absence from a final examination will ordinarily result in a failing grade for the course (ABS). The course head is not empowered to excuse student absences from final or makeup examinations scheduled by the Registrar. Furthermore, the course head may not give a final examination at a special time to accommodate the needs of an individual student or authorize the substitution of another exercise for an examination. Undergraduate students who request special accommodations should be directed to their Resident Deans, who in turn will facilitate submission of the request to the Administrative Board for consideration. Graduate students should be directed to the FAS Registrar.

Students are entitled to complete course requirements and to take the final examination. They must not be discouraged from doing so, even when previous course work has earned a cumulative failing grade. Only a student whose serious and persistent neglect of academic work has led to formal exclusion from the course is ineligible to take the final or makeup examination. (See Exclusion)

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