Departments of the Assistive Technology Center, Instructional Media Services, Language Resource Center, and Piano Technical Services

Robert G. Doyle, Associate Dean (617-495-0757/0811)

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) provides assistance for students requiring accessible education and who need technological solutions. The department of Instructional Media Services consists of two divisions -- the Media Production Center and Media & Technology Services -- that provide multimedia resources for graduate and undergraduate course instruction within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS). The Language Resource Center supports language instruction with a variety of multimedia resources. Piano Technical Services cares for the FAS pianos.

Assistive Technology Center 
Curtis Wilcox, Manager,
Science Center Room B-06j
Staffed: Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm;
Open to registered students 24 hours daily

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) serves students with disabilities requiring technical solutions to access course materials. The ATC also demonstrates adaptive technologies for members of the Harvard community. Students must be registered with the Accessible Education Office (AEO) before receiving services. (See Students Requiring Accessible Education.) For more information, see the AEO website.

Wheelchair accessible.

Instructional Media Services
Media and Technology Services 
Amy Thompson, Director of Media & Technology Services,
Monday–Thursday 8 am-10 pm, Friday 8 am–5 pm (during the academic year)

Main Office:
Science Center Room B02
Provides classroom technology support for all FAS locations except Sever Hall, CGIS, Northwest Building, and the Science Center (see below for support in those locations).Books videoconferences and rents portable equipment. Supports special events in all FAS locations.

CGIS Office:
CGIS South Building Room S053
Supports classes and events in CGIS.

Northwest Labs Office:
Northwest Labs Room B111
Supports classes and events in the Northwest Building.

Science Center Prep Room:
Science Center Room B-01
Supports classes and events in the Science Center.

Sever Hall Office:
Sever Hall Room 301
Supports classes and events in Sever Hall.

Media and Technology Services (MTS) provides multimedia support to classes and events occurring in FAS buildings. Supported technology includes: computer, film, and video projection; classroom computers; sound reinforcement systems; audio & video recording/editing; web simulcasting and videoconferencing. Services include assisting FAS, Extension, and Summer School classes with classroom media equipment; lecture recording; special event support; film, DVD and videotape rentals; and assistive listening systems.

Please contact MTS to arrange for services.Services are available without charge for work performed in support of Faculty of Arts & Sciences courses and course-related activities that are restricted to members of one course. For non-course activities, charges are based on the amount of labor and equipment used to perform the task.

Information on permanently installed classroom equipment and photographs of classrooms can be found at

Wheelchair accessible.

Media Production Center 
Anthony Di Bartolo, Manager of Media Production Center and Hauser Studio,
Rosovsky Hall (rear), 59 Plympton St.
Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm

The Media Production Center (MPC) produces custom audio and video materials for teaching, outreach, and research. Our studio is equipped to record interviews, voiceovers, musical performances (Steinway grand piano on-site), on-line learning modules, and promotional video. We also provide video post-production services such as editing, titling, and color correction; location audio/musical event recording and reinforcement; audio editing, mixing, and mastering; format transfers, digitizing, and web file creation. We are happy to provide help and guidance to solve your audio and video media problems.

Services are available without charge for work performed in support of Faculty of Arts & Sciences courses and course-related activities that are restricted to members of one course. For non-course activities, charges are based on the amount of labor and equipment used to perform the task.

Rita E. and Gustave M. Hauser Digital Teaching & Learning Studio
Widener Library, Room G90 (Concourse Level) 
Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm 

The Hauser Studio, centrally located in Widener Library, is a state-of-the-art video capture studio. Equipped to provide broadcast, HarvardX, and cinema style multi-camera production, it serves as a high-tech production facility and as a training ground for faculty throughout the University who want to experiment with new approaches to further integrate digital technology into their teaching.

Wheelchair accessible.

Language Resource Center
Thomas Hammond, Director, 
Lamont Library, 4th floor 
Phone ahead or check the website for the most current operating hours,

The Language Resource Center (LRC) offers multimedia resources to FAS foreign language courses and to other FAS courses using foreign-language media. Our high-bandwidth media server provides full-screen materials in 57 languages. Our satellite feed provides international news and variety television programs. We also offer CD-quality digital audio of textbook practice materials (enrolled students only). The LRC offers discounted RosettaStone® licenses for current Harvard students, faculty, and staff.

There are two screening rooms for small-group foreign-language instruction.

Wheelchair accessible.

Piano Technical Services 
Mariana Quinn, Manager,
Vanserg Hall, Piano Shop
Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm

Piano Technical Services (PTS) tunes, maintains, and restores all FAS pianos. We also tune FAS harpsichords and forte pianos. All tuning requests should be made at least five working days in advance to guarantee scheduling. Emergency requests will be considered. Please email or phone to find out if your request can be accommodated. PTS does not move or purchase instruments, or reserve or schedule practice rooms. PTS does rent pianos, please call for more information.

Wheelchair accessible.