AEO Examinations

Accessible Education Office Examinations

Exam accommodations are determined by the Accessible Education Office (AEO) and are intended to address documented disabilities or health conditions in such a way as to make exam administration fair and equitable for all students taking the same course.

The administration of all timed exercises during the term, including midterms, is the responsibility of the course head; AEO is happy to confer with the course head when implementing arrangements. All seated final examinations for students with AEO-approved exam accommodations are administered during the Final Examination Period by the FAS Registrar’s Office and the appropriate accommodations will be made in conjunction with AEO.

Timed exams administered online through Canvas should be modified by faculty to include the approved extended time for students with these accommodations. For assistance with this process, please see:  Canvas Instructions for Extended Time

For assistance with converting examinations into alternative formats (e.g. digital text, Braille, or enlarged text), please contact the Assistive Technology Center (ATC) at or 617-496-8800. Arrangements for reformatting examinations should be made least five business days in advance.

Seated final exam administration is consistent with FAS exam procedures, with the following exception to ensure proper implementation of AEO-approved accommodations: all AEO exams typically begin at 10:00 am on the same day as the main exam, unless there is a scheduling conflict with another exam. In such instances, the FAS Registrar’s Office will administer the exam at an appropriate time, typically within 24 hours of the main exam.

For questions concerning appropriate exam accommodations, please contact AEO at or 617-496-8707.

For questions concerning the administration of final exams (e.g. dropping-off/picking up exams, location of AEO students, etc.) please contact the FAS Registrar’s Office at or 617-495-1542.