Changes in Grades

A grade that has been reported may be changed by requesting a grade change in my.harvard. The request should include an explanation for the grade change. If a grade change is requested because of a clerical error or misunderstanding of Faculty rules concerning the grading structure, the appropriate dean will ordinarily authorize the Registrar to change the grade. In the case of a grade change due to judgmental error, the instructor is expected to review the work of other students in the course or relevant section(s) to determine that grade equity would be maintained if the grade change were approved. When late work is the basis of a grade change request, it is essential that the work have been received by the deadline set by the Faculty: the end of the Examination Period for undergraduates or the end of the next regular term for graduate students. After submitting a grade change request, faculty will receive two emails: the first acknowledges that the submission of a grade change request, and the second confirms that the Registrar has approved or denied the grade change request. Grade change instructions in my.harvard are explained here.

Although the grades of degree candidates are reported before those of other students, these grades are considered final and are subject to the same regulations for changes.