Responsibility for Evaluation

Responsibility for evaluation rests with the individual listed in my.harvard as the instructor in charge (the course head). For Independent Study, responsibility rests with that individual holding a teaching appointment who has signed the petition permitting the student to enroll. (See Special Types of Courses: Independent Study.)

In some large courses or tutorials, teaching fellows, teaching assistants, or course assistants may have a role in the evaluation of the students in the course, subject to the limitations set by the Faculty Council and the Standing Committee on Undergraduate Educational Policy (the “EPC”) (see below). Nevertheless, the course head is responsible for ensuring that the standards for evaluating student work are equitable across all sections of a course, and the final responsibility for each grade rests with the course head. This includes the evaluation of makeup examinations that are administered during the following term.

The work of graduate students, including those enrolled in courses open to both graduate and undergraduate students (100-level and below), should be evaluated only by individuals holding teaching appointments as defined in the above section. "Work" refers to major examinations and written exercises but not necessarily to problem sets, laboratory work, or similar exercises. In the same light, while undergraduate course assistants may participate in the evaluation of students, they should not be involved in the subjective evaluation of essays and examinations.