Use of Computing and Network Services

Use of Computing and Network Services 

Faculty members are provided access to University computer systems for academic use. All authorized users assume responsibility for acting to preserve the integrity of these systems and any University data to which they may have access. Information about academic computing and network services offered by Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is available at or by calling 617-495-7777.

Privacy of Information

The unauthorized examination of information stored on a computer system or sent electronically over a network is a breach of academic and community standards. Authorized system support staff, however, may gain access to users’ data or programs when it is necessary to maintain or prevent harm to the University, its computer systems or the network.

On shared and networked computer systems certain information about users and their activities is visible to others. Users are cautioned that certain accounting and directory information (for example, user names and email addresses), certain records of file names and executed commands, and information stored in public areas, are not private.

Faculty members have the legal obligation to maintain the privacy of files containing confidential information, including student information such as course grades and letters of recommendation. Helpful information about using confidential information securely may be found at

For consultation on securing electronic information, please contact HUIT at 617-495-7777.

Harvard University Policy on Access to Electronic Information

Harvard has established a Policy on Access to Electronic Information that sets out guidelines and processes for University access to user electronic information stored in or transmitted through any University system. This policy applies to all Schools and units of the University.