Classroom assignments for courses are coordinated between academic departments and scheduling offices.

Instructors should immediately contact their department if the meeting time changes from the published course listing in my.harvard or when a change in location occurs after the initial classroom assignment has been determined.

Course meeting times and locations are published in my.harvard, as well as course websites, the mobile shopping tool, and the University catalog. 

To make audio-visual equipment or service requests, instructors should contact Media and Technology Services. (See Instructional Media Services.)

After-hour emergencies and problems with the temperature or ventilation of classrooms should be referred to the University Operations Center (617-495-5560). Classroom maintenance or repair requests should be referred to your department administrator, to Harvard Yard Operations (617-495-8842), or to the appropriate building manager.

Office of the FAS Registrar
Academic Planning: Classrooms Office
Richard A. & Susan F. Smith Campus Center
1350 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 450 
Cambridge, MA 02138

The FAS Classrooms Office schedules about one-third of the classrooms in the FAS room inventory. The remaining classrooms are scheduled by the departments, centers, and houses.

Course Classroom Assignments

Initial classroom assignments by the FAS Classrooms Office are made after considering a number of factors including instructional requirements, enrollment history, accessibility, special circumstances, and room availability at the time of assignment. Faculty members requesting classroom space scheduled by the FAS Classrooms Office should communicate their classroom needs for their courses and course-related events to department administrators, who compile and submit room requests to the FAS Classrooms Office in July (for the fall term) and October (for the spring term).  Department administrators or course coordinators should enter classroom preferences in the desktop client of EMS.  Trainings will be held prior to due date for all new employees or those who need a refresher course.  The Classrooms Office will evaluate preferences and supply tentative assignments to each department.  Once the department has reviewed the assignments, classroom assignments will be sent to instructors and faculty members.

Assigned classrooms for courses and section meetings are  reserved from the first day of the term through the last day of the term.  Courses and section meetings will NOT be scheduled through the Reading Period, unless requested by teaching staff via FAS RoomBook. During the Examination Period, all classrooms are reserved for Final Exams. Classrooms are not reserved during University holidays and recesses.

Classroom Reassignment

Due to the fluctuation of enrollment during the shopping period, the FAS Classrooms Office typically does not reassign classrooms until after the Registration deadline, when initial enrollment figures are more accurate. However, if, after the first day of classes, there seems to be an urgent need to change room assignments, contact the FAS Classrooms Office immediately (617-495-1541). As a reminder, room assignments are subject to change due to enrollment numbers or other pedagogical needs.

Discussion Sections

Instructors should direct their Head Teaching Fellows to the FAS Registrar’s website to access “Guidelines for Requesting Section Space”. Classrooms for discussion sections are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Reading Period

If instructors would like to hold class during the Reading Period, they must reserve a classroom via FAS RoomBook as their course will not be scheduled through the Reading Period. 

Examination Period

During the Final Examination Period, all classrooms are reserved for the FAS Exams Office. After the final examination schedule is set, limited classroom space may become available for review sessions.

Visitor’s Guide to Larger Lectures

Each term, the FAS Office of the Registrar produces the Visitor’s Guide to Larger Lectures. This guide is available to visiting prospective students and their parents through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid website. Any instructor who does not wish to have his or her course listed in the guide should contact the FAS Classrooms Office no later than the enrollment deadline.

Non-Course Event: Due to the fluctuation of enrollment during the shopping period, and the several relocations of courses that occur as a result, the FAS Classrooms Office does not book rooms within its purview for non-course events until the course meeting locations have been finalized, usually within two weeks of the enrollment deadline.

FAS Registrar’s Office Website

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