Responsibility for Instruction

Responsibility for instruction rests solely with the head of the course. This person’s name appears with the course listing in my.harvard as the instructor of the course.

FAS appointments at the rank of Convertible Instructor, Lecturer, Dependent Lecturer, Preceptor, College Fellow, Benjamin Peirce Fellow, Briggs-Copeland Lecturer, Associate Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Senior Preceptor, full-time or part-time Professor of the Practice, Professor in Residence, Visiting Lecturer, Visiting Professor (assistant professor, associate professor, or professor), or Professor (assistant, associate, or tenured) are teaching appointments. Teaching Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Course Assistantships are not teaching appointments in this context; persons holding these ranks assist in courses or tutorials under the supervision of those holding teaching appointments. Recommendations for teaching appointments may be made only by departments or committees empowered to offer courses for credit.

Faculty in the teaching appointment ranks listed above can serve as course heads; however, preceptors do not ordinarily serve as course heads.

Regarding members of other Harvard Faculties, only Senior Lecturers, Professors of the Practice, Professors in Residence, assistant professors, associate professors, or tenured professors in another Harvard Faculty may teach in the FAS without an FAS teaching appointment. All other non-FAS faculty may teach in the FAS only if they are appointed to the rank of Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences under the normal rules governing such appointments.

The term “responsibility for instruction” includes:

  • Responsibility for the structure and content of the course, including any regular sections of the course;
  • Responsibility for the continuity of course meetings, whether these be lecture or discussion groups;
  • Responsibility for the evaluation of student performance in the course, including the performance of students who may have been granted makeup examinations that take place the following term; and
  • Responsibility for the selection and training of teaching fellows, teaching assistants, and course assistants in accordance with policies established by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and/or the department.

None of the above responsibilities may be delegated to persons not holding teaching appointments.

Instructors who hold a teaching appointment or who assist in courses or tutorials may not give private instruction for pay to students in the University without the consent of the Chair of the department concerned and the Dean of the Faculty. Under no circumstances may instructors privately tutor for pay in courses in which they are employed by the University.