Examination Scheduling

Each course is assigned an Exam/Final Deadline Group, which indicates when the course’s final assessment is due, whether it be a take-home exam, paper, or the date of a seated final exam. The Exam/Final Deadline Group is listed in the my.harvard Course Search. The Exam/Final Deadline Group corresponds to course meeting patterns and ordinarily will change if the course’s meeting pattern changes. The FAS Registrar's Office is unable to accommodate individual requests to assign an alternative Exam/Final Deadline Group to courses.

Since the course meeting patterns are subject to change, the official dates and times for seated, three-hour examinations are published on the Final Examination Schedule posted on the Registrar’s website. The Final Examination Schedule only includes courses that have requested a three-hour final examination scheduled by the FAS Registrar's Office and will be available in late-September for fall final examinations and in late-February for spring final examinations.